Hello beautiful people!

Happy Summer! You made it. I knew we could do this 🙂

Now that it is hard to know what day of the week it is and trips to the river can now be regular, many of my daily pressures are fading. This is possibly in my top 5 favorite feelings ever.

Another feeling that is in my top five favorite feelings is listening to music. You guessed it – another monthly playlist!

I love making these. I hope you love listening to them. So this truly can be a win win interaction.

I have some pretty exciting posts coming for you in the next two weeks so lets get to the point.

Here is June Jingles:

Have It All – Acoustic by Jason Mraz // I love Jason Mraz and this is such a happy and positive song. It can make a very blue situation much brighter. I like to listen to this song as a form of affirmative meditation. 

The Good Side by Troye Sivan // This is a very beautiful and softly sung song. Its a thankful reflection on an end to a relationship and really can help you feel zen.

idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish // Billie is slowly becoming one of my favorite current artists and I love her voice in this song. I can’t express to you enough how beautifully delicate her sound is. It is most definitely worth a listen. 

ADD by Dwilly, Emilia Ali // This song is a very well produced duet with a fun beat. It’s always in my queue when I’m driving and I always look forward to listening to it. 

Pch (Remix) by Jhameel, Blue Satellite // This song gets stuck in my head, but in a good way. It’s a song that was put on repeat for days after I first listened to it. The song itself is pretty chill with a medium paced beat.

Die Trying by Michl // This song is a diamond in the rough. It is just too good. Michl has a mesmerizing voice and the song gets even better the more and longer you listen to it. Please Please Please listen to it. 

imagine if by gnash // gnash is truly an artist that has never failed to impress me. I have loved his stuff for years and his music is just too relatable. This song covers the many hypotheticals that we humans tend to dread over again and again and again. 

Paranoid by Lauv // Would this really be a Mia monthly playlist without Lauv? I mean, come on… This song is more fast paced than most of Lauv’s stuff and is held close to my worrisome heart. 

Eyes On You by Chase Rice // This is possibly my favorite country song ever. Seriously. This song screams summer to me and I play this song just about everyday. It is so worth a listen. 

Raincoat by Timeflies, SHY Martin // This is another song that just screams summer to me. Also this is another song that is a very well done duet. This song really helps me stay motivated in a time where being lazy is VERY easy. 

Pink Lemonade by The Wombats // This song is sooo carefree and happy. It truly embodies the simplicity and excitement that comes with Pink Lemonade. If you are to listen to any song on this playlist, make it THIS one!!! It truly embodies all the excitement of summer. 

TV In the Morning by DNCE // Joe Jonas does NOT disappoint. I love this song so much more than Cake By The Ocean and shows a very different side of them, which I think is a very crucial move ALL bands should make. 

make you feel pretty by lovelytheband // Okay I like this song just as much as Pink Lemonade. So if you were to listen to any TWO songs from this playlist.. make it Pink Lemonade and make you feel pretty! It makes you feel awake and happy, plus it will be no time until you start singing along with this song. 

Better by Kayden // This song is very simple but still well worth the time. You can tell a lot of time and effort was put into it and that is something that I can always admire in an artist’s work into their music. 

Heaven by Julia Michaels // Oh my GOD. This song is soooo good and I hate how catchy it is. I heard it for the first time a couple days ago and I cannot turn it off. At All. I am so obsessed with it. Not surprising when I found out it was Julia Michaels that sings it. Shoutout to Maddy for dealing with me overplaying this song over FaceTime.

And that wraps up the first third of monthly music from me this summer! You will hear more from me soon in the next couple of weeks and I just want to say have a happy, healthy, and safe summer friends! All the love and REMEMBER,

Make happy YOUR habit! 

xoxo, Mia