Hello to my fellow readers!

Now let me tell you, when you temporarily move across the country, it’s a little hard to find time for new music. But in my last two studio spaces, I have been nonstop surfing for new songs not just for me, but for you too.

I bet you have guessed it by now, but it’s time for me to give you another curated playlist for the month of July.

These songs consist of newer and older songs. Some are current favorites and others are all time favorites. But they have been on repeat for me this month and I love being able to have the platform to share them with you.

Here is July Gems: 

Growing Pains by Alessia Cara // I love Alessia Cara and her music sooooo much. And this is my favorite song of hers that she has EVER produced. A very relatable song to a very catchy beat. 

Thinking Bout You by Ariana Grande // On my subway home the other day, I listened to this song on repeat for the entire trip. This song makes me excited about life and all the little things it has to offer. 

Find Yourself by Great Good Fine Ok, Before You Exit // I love the meaning of this song and it never fails to make me smile. It’s definitely a feel good song. 

Chase me down by Astn, Annie Omalley // The beat of this song makes for a perfect chill car ride. Both voices work beautifully with one another. 

Beg – Acoustic by Jack and Jack, Olivia O’ Brien // I love all three of these artists and they made an already good song so much better. I love hearing this song with the female perspective in it. 

Hostage by Danrell, Småland // THIS IS POSSIBLY MY FAVORITE SONG OF ALL TIME. Seriously this song is linked with so many good memories and happy times of my life. It means so much to me and it’s selfish of me to just keep it to myself. Please listen to this song oh my god. 

Dancing Queen by Daecolm // This is an R&B cover of the one and only song Dancing Queen by Abba from the Mamma Mia soundtrack. I like this song more than I want to admit and it’s a very appropriate pick considering the second movie is coming out this Friday. (I’M SO EXCITED)

Wouldn’t mean a thing by Bruno Major // I love love love the beginning of this song. Bruno has a very soothing voice and his serenade is very calming. The sweet meaning and melodies of this song can instantly take away all and any anxious feelings. 

Crazy Girls by Astn // I listen to this song almost every single night when I’m getting ready for bed. It’s a good song to wind down to and the song has some beautiful piano in it. 

Anywhere by Mustard, Nick Jonas // It’s not jonas brothers Nick Jonas, but I guess that is fine. Haha but seriously this song is very good and I think its production was very well done. 

Forever Love by Brothers + Company // Another feel good, happy go lucky type of song. I wish I had found it sooner. Definitely will be checking out more from this band. 

Why Don’t You Come On by DJDS, Khalid, Empress of // A definite song of the summer. But what song of Khalid’s isn’t? My roommate and I have been playing this every morning when we get ready for class. 

Only Got Eyes For Her by Ezra Jordan // I. Love. This. Song. It is a very happy and funky beat. I feel like a lot of the songs Ive been listening to lately have either been pretty slow or fast. This is a very happy medium. This is also another great song to start your morning off to. 

Nico and the Niners by Twenty One Pilots // Wow, freshmen year Mia is emotional. I really am excited for their new album, but I am glad they gave us this gem to hold us over until then. The style of the song is very true to their previous stuff and very catchy. 

WOW! Cheers to us for getting through another month of great music! Another post will be up soon, but in the mean time REMEMBER

Make happy YOUR habit!

xoxo, Mia