Social media seriously harms your mental health. 

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with that saying, but as I get older, the truer that statement becomes to me. As a member of the current iGeneration, I grew up in the world of new media and technology. And it definitely has its downfalls.

I made my instagram account when I was in sixth grade. For six years I have been nothing but faithfully loyal to my online presence. That is about thirty five percent of my entire life. I find that mind boggling. For a third of my life, I have stayed dedicated to instagram almost religiously.

In my uprising into high school and the many debates of which VSCO filter to use, I have gotten into the habit of getting too deep inside my head.

You know, comparing myself to others, overthinking everything I do, tearing myself down for no reason at all. All the typical, American teenage girl problems.

Social media, not even just instagram, doesn’t help me get out of my head, if anything it feeds into my negative thoughts.

Recently, I have felt that social media has really started to feed at my self esteem, self worth, and my valuable time. I am at a prime point of my life, senior year. Why am I wasting it on an app that half the time makes me feel like utter shit? Is the hit of dopamine every time someone likes my post really worth it? Currently, I am trying to find out that answer. 

How can I start posting things that make me happy and just enjoy the app, over dwelling on how everyone else has a “better life or feed” than me.

How can I stop taking these negative habits into my life outside the internet? 

Social media is only the start of getting into your head, once these thoughts become more natural it feeds into your thoughts all day in all situations, not just an instagram post. It becomes the people down the halls, the ex best friend, or the people you don’t even know. Everyone is suddenly against you and life is a big competition, which is a scary and real thought that people can have when they fall into the trap of social media.

After having a moment earlier today kind of make me realize that I was falling down the rabbit hole of self hate, I decided that I need a break. So I disabled my instagram.

If you feel like you overthink everything, especially your instagram presence, I HIGHLY encourage you to read this blog post. It has saved me from completely losing myself in the instagram self hatred plague MANY of times.

I will give you updates, if there are any, on my instagram-less journey, no matter if this phase lasts only a week, a month, etc.

A few words to keep in mind – Don’t overthink it. We are in this together. Life is not a competition. People love you. Do things for yourself, not the approval of others.

Anyways, thanks for reading friends. REMEMBER, make happy YOUR habit!

xoxo, Mia