Not to be an emo seventh grader or anything, but music is my escape. 

Okay, I just cringed. Lets pretend I never said that.


Hello again! Or Hello for the first time! It’s truly a pleasure to have you here!

So let’s talk music.

I remember growing up, my music teacher till high school would always tell us he had bad hearing due to the many loud concerts he’s been to in his lifetime. To me, that’s the most badass thing I have ever heard in my life (well, maybe). If I could have my life my way, I would be at concerts 24/7. Yes music is amazing, but have you heard that music you listen to live? Life changing. 

People either love or hate my music taste. Which I am fine with. Everyone has an opinion. And some people’s opinions don’t always agree (life lessons 101). Add the fact that people sometimes trash my music to my list of first world problems. For the peeps who do share my love for music and can at least tolerate what I listen to, I have created you a playlist and I encourage you give it a try or two!

To give you some insight, here is what you are getting yourself into. I tried to find songs that were chill, but had an upbeat to it. Or at least I attempted to do so. The main thing is, they all give me the “feels” and to me, that’s heading in the right direction. I hope these songs can do the same for you.

Here is January Jams:

Here is why I like the songs on January Jams:

ILYSB – STRIPPED by LANY // I love this version of ILYSB. If you haven’t heard the original version that is not stripped, I HIGHLY recommend taking a listen to that too. But this song just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I don’t know what it is, but you just feel magical when listening to the chorus. 

Kids – Acoustic by FRENSHIP // This song is meant to be played on a road trip. It’s a beautiful and an incredibly nostalgic tune. This song makes me want to wake up early to watch the sunrise with the people I love. Yeah it’s that type of song. 

Oceans Away by A R I Z O N A // I love the beginning to this song. I swear I teleport to a Hawaiian beach every single time I listen to it. Its a very calming song considering its about missing someone, quite literally, “Oceans Away.”

Paris in the Rain by Lauv // This guy is possibly my proudest music find from last year. Seriously, he does not have a bad song. Go check him out. Imagine every single romantic comedy you have ever seen, now mush that into one single song. That is what Paris in the Rain is like. 

Ocean – Stripped Acoustic by Andreas Moe // I know, not only is it another song with “Ocean” in the title, but it’s also another Acoustic/stripped song. I don’t care because it makes a song so much more intimate and personal. This song really reminds me of Home by Phillip Phillips. Also just like our last song, it screams hopeless romantic. At least this playlist has some consistency. 

Honey by Kehlani // I fell in love with Kehlani’s voice when I heard her song with Chance the Rapper, “The Way.” In this song, her voice is just so raw and pure. Plus I think its amazing to see songs made for lgbtq+ community more common and from bigger artists. Crazy inspiring. 

Different Skies by Shoffy // This song gives me major Justin Timberlake vibes. I think its because I just want to do a weird interpretive dance every time I listen to it. Sorry I just gave you that image. This is the type of song I play in the morning to help me gradually wake up for school. Give it a try or two. 

11 Blocks by Wrabel // I love this guy, this song, and his producer Alex Hope. Wrabel is an incredibly under appreciated artist who needs and deserves more attention. His music gets you in the feels, that’s a guarantee. 

Verona by Lostboycrow // Firstly, I knew that I would like this guy when I saw he was born in Portland. Gotta love my Oregonian brother. Lostboycrow describes his song having a “youthful glow” and honestly that couldn’t describe it better. 

Habits of my Heart by Jaymes Young // This is possibly my favorite song on this playlist. I don’t know what it is. This is the type of song I could put on repeat for hours at a time. To put it simply, its a damn good song. 

Your Shirt by Chelsea Cutler // Not only did this girl write this song and the rest of her album, she also self produced it. That is so rad. I love seeing people kill the game. I love the beat in this song because it’s not super intense, but gives off a great hype. 

Landslide by Oh Wonder // This is an old favorite. Their voices are just too good. Oh Wonder is on my concert bucket list. If you really want to dive into a hole, check out some of the remixes made on their songs. Crazy Good. Especially the ones by Illenium. 

belong (feat DENM) by gnash // gnash is my man. His music puts you in the feels and takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Highly recommend his stuff. He was one of my favorite finds in 2015 and is one of the best concerts I have personally been too. I love this song. Plus I think its incredibly relatable for today’s youth. If you are going to listen to any song in this playlist, make it this one. This is the type of song you play in late night car rides with your best friends. 

I Miss You (feat Julia Michaels) by Clean Bandit // This is the only song I discovered on the radio. I love both of these artists and they made something really good here. The harmonies when “I miss you” is sang is incredible. This song is worth while.

Atlantis feat. Kaiyado (Demo Remix) by Bridgit Mendler // I can’t decide if I like Bridgit’s old music or her new music better. Both are filled with BOPS. But for very different reasons. Definitely worth checking out. 

Okay that is last of January Jams! More music recommendations to come in the future! In the mean time, REMEMBER

Make happy YOUR habit!

xoxo, Mia.