I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love dogs. 

Let alone, the one that lives with me.

Hello! Happy Sunday friends. Today is no ordinary day for me.

Today is THE Augustus Gustavo Graves’ birthday. Something worth celebrating about that’s for sure.

I thought I would make a post about someone who makes happy more habitual for me. So this is in tribute to my sweet boy Gus.

Fun fact. When my family was first looking at dogs, I straight up rejected the idea of adopting Gus. Okay to be fair, the picture of him was NOT attractive. I said that he had a cute face on a deformed body. Yikes. Sorry Gus.

But then one day he came to his forever home. Regardless of my comment on his deformed body lol. And the second I saw him for the first time, I hated myself for saying such a harsh thing about such a cute pup.

Let me tell you a little bit about Gus.

He’s very excited about people. Gus is a little bit of an attention whore. Honestly, good for him. If the spotlight is going to be on anyone, I’d hope to God it would be him. Plus the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree if you know what I mean.

He loves a good nap. Gustifer is a sleeper. I swear he takes 14 naps a day. Nothing but respect though. If i could sleep for 2/3’s of my day, everyday – I would.

He is a lover. Gustavius gets a bad rep because he is partially pitbull. The stereotypes are not only heartbreaking, but false. Gus literally walks into walls when he has two perfectly good eyes and he spoons me when I’m laying in bed. He couldn’t hurt a fly if he tried.

It makes me sad when people stereotype dogs as harmful creatures. The title of this post is actually a trend started by a wonderful lady named Sophie. She made a series of photos of adoptable PitBulls with flowers on their head to showcase their gentle hearts. And how they are not vicious creatures. I love her photos and the message that follows them so much. Check her out!


Anyways, Happy 4th birthday Gus. I love you. And don’t judge a dog by a cover, like how I did initially with Gus or how many people do with PitBulls today.


Make happy YOUR habit.

xoxo, Mia