This is my second time writing this because my MacBook crashed when I saved the last draft.

I know, how tragic.

WOW, it’s already March! How crazy is that! 2018 sure is flying by fast. I hope all of you are living in the present like how we talked about in our last post. Well you probably all know what this blog post probably is about… More Monthly Music!

love love love making these posts. It gives me the opportunity to discover music and then to share it with you. The songs in this playlist are a little bit everywhere. The songs range from rap to country to pop and the songs were discovered from ends of tv show credits, random instagram posts, and my spotify discover weekly. This playlist fits the definition of organized chaos perfectly.

For most of my readers, the very coveted and anticipated event is upon us: S P R I N G  B R E A K ! ! ! You don’t even know how excited I am for this. I am counting down the seconds until then. So for this playlist, I tried to pick songs I would want to listen to while on spring break. Whether you are staying home or traveling someplace warm, this playlist is for you 🙂

I feel the need to apologize. I’ve been sharing these playlists with you through spotify. I have been neglecting my readers who might use other platforms. Platforms like apple music (*cough* LUCAS *cough*). So starting from this month, and from now on. I will give you guys options 😉

Without further to do, Here is March Magic:

Here is why I like the songs from March Magic:

Mine by Bazzi // Okay, I know this song is lowkey a meme but I like it soooo much. It’s positive and happy. I like that. The world needs more magical songs like these. 

Getting Over You by Lauv // Would this be a Mia monthly song without a Lauv song? I think not. This is his most recent release and I have already overplayed it. I relate to the lyrics “drowning in my coffee.”

From Eden by Hozier // This song is very tranquil and serene. I cannot describe it. And it gives me major John Mayor vibes. When you listen to this song, you feel like you are at an outdoor wedding looking at the sunset. Its very warm and love-y. 

Good Life by Keiynan Lonsdale // This song is catchy, cool, and upbeat. It reminds me a lot of iSpy by Kyle. The best way to describe this song, is through the title itself. It’s good. 

This Feeling by Alabama Shakes // This discovery was found at the end of an episode of Grace and Frankie. This song is a lot like folk music. If that is a turn off to you, I still really encourage to listen to it. It makes you feel good. 

Diddy Bop (x Louis The Child) by Jacob Banks, Louis The Child // Whenever a fifty shades movie comes out, I go straight to the soundtrack. They are all sooooo good. I could make a playlist just of songs exclusively from all of their soundtracks. This song is probably my favorite on the playlist. It has a Macklemore type of vibe to it. 

Drunk On You by Hope Waidley // This is definitely a “in the feels” song. I love the slow R&B mood it holds. Definitely worth a listen or ten. 

Most People Are Good by Luke Bryan // This song takes you back to happy, simple memories. The meaning to this song is so pure. The first time I listened to this song, I was in the care with two of my best friends driving to a donut shop around 10 p.m. on a Friday night. Definitely one of my all time favorite country songs. 

Wild Love by James Bay // You can never go wrong with James Bay. He doesn’t have a bad song. His music is seriously one hit after the next. He did not disappoint with this new release. The music video is equally superb. Check it out. 

B.O.M.O. by Tatiana Manaois // Wow, this lady has a beautiful voice. Her music is as if Kehlani and Ruth B had a love child. Plus this song is about a woman living independently. HELL YEAH.

The Anchor by Bastille // I like this song more than Bastille’s popular singles. The beginning is creatively brilliant, the horns in the backtrack is incredible, and its such positive song. The metaphor in the lyrics alone are worth noting. 

Jennifer by Trinidad Cardona // A close friend of mine snapchatted me around 2am on a Saturday night last month telling me to listen to this song. At first, I didn’t really like it. But then I listened to it again. This song gets better every time you listen to it I swear to God. I am so glad I listened to this song. It reminds me of Chris Brown or Frank Ocean’s music. 

Wasted Youth by Sody, Martin Luke Brown // This is the best duet I’ve heard since Say Something with Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World. Plus the chorus is straight up beautiful. Definitely worth listening to. 

Numbers by The Cab // For my traditional pop lovers, this song is definitely for you. I love the concept behind this song. It gives a pretty vanilla song a really cool twist to it.

Through and Through by khai dreams // For a song that is under two minutes, you get a lot from it. It reminds me a lot of Jack Johnson, its soothing and close to home. I feel like I’m swaying in a hammock on some random beach when listening to this song.

And just like that, we have wrapped up yet another monthly playlist post. I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I have been enjoying it. Until my next post, REMEMBER

Make happy YOUR habit!

xoxo, Mia