You are now reading the thoughts from post-finals Mia! I survived barely, but nevertheless, I survived!

Hello friends and friendly strangers! It’s a pleasure to have you here. Before finals oh so gracefully slapped me in the face, I had spent a quick weekend in the lovely town of Portland, Oregon. Mainly to go to a very anticipated concert hosted by the one and only Lauv. My love for this guy could seriously be a blog post by itself. You may remember him from my last post where I recommended to you all his song Easy Love or his most popular song I Like Me Better. I seriously encourage you to check him out! Here’s a playlist of his music that his concert I met you when I was 18 is based on.

Concerts give me this high that I wish I could describe. My words will never be able to do it justice. Plus the thrill of being in the ‘city’ just adds to it. I love Portland. I love the culture. I love the noise. I love the coffee. Everything there just makes me giddy.

And while I was there, it made me realize something. I tend to get really caught up in life. I feel like most of my time is just waiting for the next thing to happen. Or waiting for the thing in the moment to be over. In Portland, I was very much living and enjoying ‘in the now’. Only positive memories come from my time there. Whether it was the bootleg vines my Dad and I remade and buying overpriced coffee. Meeting with one of my longest and best friends for the concert. And we definitely cannot forget about my newly purchased, pink sunglasses that I’ve named Sasha. If you would like to experience the thrill of owning “Sasha glasses,” here’s a link. (They no longer have the color of my glasses in stock, but the other color options are equally badass. Plus they are on sale!)

Okay, so the question now is – How do I start living in the moment even when I’m not at some random concert in Portland? 

Here is what I’ve started to do. I tried to find the fun in every day. To say the least, it was a fun challenge for me to do during possibly the worst week of the year. Finals week. To start off, I wore Sasha the sassy sunglasses to every final I had. It made taking a final literally 100x better. I guess its the little things. After some of my finals, I had my comfort food with two of my most favorite friends. The day after that, ANOTHER FRIEND OF MINE BROUGHT HIS PUPPY TO SCHOOL. Look at all that fun! Trust me, when you look at it or make the initiative, you can find the fun or good in just about anything. If you surround yourself with the people and things you love, it’s barely a challenge anymore. If the things and people you love are truly good, then only good things will follow them. 

So thank you to Lauv, Portland, My friends, family, and Sasha. You are all responsible for sparking my “Live in the now” movement. (If we can even call it that.) But most importantly, REMEMBER

Make Happy YOUR Habit!

xoxo, Mia