Remember when I made a poll on my instagram about whether or not I should post this on either Friday or Saturday? Well surprise, I decided to do neither of those days. SO here is a blog for you, on a Monday.

Aloha! Long time, no see!  Sorry about that.

Actually, this is a good segue for some thoughts that I have.


Yes, it’s only my second post this month.

Yes, I’m posting this two days later than expected. 

Yes, I could be organizing this better.

But do you know what?

Sometimes Life has different plans for me. And that is OKAY. When I think about the level of busy I am compared to my usual level, my numbers are through the roof. It’s INCREDIBLY stressful. 

I want to be clear on something, I’m not trying to defend myself for not posting. NOR am I saying its always bad to be busy. I think it is important to recognize that everybody is living their life and can be busy at times. And that sometimes, things just simply don’t work out. For me, It just didn’t work out for me to post this weekend because I got busy.

I think this idea connects well with my resolution I talked about in my first post. Having zero expectations. I try to keep in mind that everyone can be swamped in their own life when trying to work with friends or family. So if they can’t grab lunch or be somewhere, You can not only understand their situation, but also not be mad about it. I think this concept keeps relationships, of all kinds, happy and healthy for both parties.

Now to my next point, for my busy readers. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to even read this. Being busy can be overwhelming to say the least. I encourage you to find the calm in the storm. Even if that is taking, a little amount of time for yourself. Do not overwork yourself! Just recently, I took one of my mornings to share some breakfast with my dad. And it helped me immensely. Even when your head is running a million miles a second, take some time to sloooooow down. It helps so much in the long run. When I think about my junior year so far, I think its gone by so fast because I never stop to appreciate it.

So together, we are gonna work on slowing down, understanding other’s situations, and appreciating the now. Is that cool? Cool.

Thanks for reading rambles, it is very appreciated. REMEMBER,

Make happy YOUR habit!

xoxo, Mia