Hello friends. It’s been awhile.

Wow. Let me tell you just how beautiful and therapeutic a change of scenery is. This spring break, I went on a trip with my family to Las Vegas, Nevada. Boy, did I have fun.

I wouldn’t necessarily send my accolades of my experience towards any specific thing I did, but mainly the absence of my daily mind clutter.

Let me elaborate.

Many times, when people ask me about things I do or trips I go on, they ask me

What was your favorite part?

When I hear this, I interpret it as “What made it worth while?”

For me, no specific activity or thing makes or breaks my experiences. It is the escape from routine that does.

The idea is that I was no longer waking up at 6 in the morning everyday in the rainy state of Oregon, but instead I was waking up when I please in warm weather. Minus all other stresses like deadlines and responsibilities.

This made me realize that things like Spring break are important. Or more simply breaks by themselves are important.

Routines can be very mundane and draining. Break yourself away from them every once in a while.

Vegas gave me so many beautiful opportunities.

Whether it was seeing the beautiful seven magic mountains at sunrise. (featured picture)

Or having my first Chic Fil A experience.

Was it seeing Marc E Bassy live at the Hard Rock?

Or maybe it was spending time with my family. (I miss you Charlotte, please come to Oregon.)

Breaks are good. Life is good.

I miss writing to you guys. Sorry for the absence, I was taking my own advice. Taking a break. Heck, I bet you guys wouldn’t believe this but I read a book for fun. Wild. 

My next post will be soon! I owe you all my April monthly playlist! Until then, REMEMBER

Make happy YOUR habit!

xoxo, Mia