Okay wow.

Firstly, Hello. I feel like I’ve been on quite the hiatus. I have quite a few things to share with you. Since my last post a lot has been on my mind. 

One thing I’ve noticed about this blog is that it’s a beautiful outlet of meditation and reflection for me. And honestly that is definitely something I need right now. My mind is pretty scattered at the moment and it is about time I let some of it out.

So for those of you care, here is what I’ve been up to since early April, briefly.

  1. In the little free time I do have, it is spent either watching Gossip Girl or listening to a lot of Rex Orange County.
  2. Junior year is still all types of overload unfortunately.
  3. I am now seventeen. (w0ah)
  4. And my coffee drinking has become more intense than ever.

I’ve also become self aware of a lot of things recently.

Recently I’ve come to realize that people and certain situations aren’t as terrible as I sometimes make them out to be. For one of my classes I had to work a fundraiser to help benefit my school on a Saturday night. That was the most tragic thing to ever happen to me. Or at least that’s how I felt in the moment. For this same class I also had to give some presentations to kids about friendship. And some of the days I had to go out and give them, the last thing I wanted to do was leave my room, let alone my bed. But when I think about these tasks that seemed like nothing more than a drag were very beautiful moments for me. I met some of the most kindest people at that fundraiser that were filled with love and generosity. The kids I met were filled with such youthful humor and eagerness. And the people who did these tasks with me made my experience memorable and worth it one million percent. As much as I say that people are the worst, they really do a lot of amazing things for me. And I am so appreciative of the service I can give to others. The feeling is so rewarding.

I felt this on my birthday too. Never in my life have I felt some much love pour my way. Friends, family, coworkers, teachers, and everyone in between just made me feel so special. I know thats the point of birthdays, but hear me out. The age of seventeen isn’t really a milestone. Like 15 is the birth as a teenager, 16 is the start to freedom, and 18 is the transition to young adulthood. But the only thing I think of when it comes to seventeen is being the dancing queen (if you get that reference i love you.) But honestly I have never felt the connection I have with my community until this year. My life has blossomed me so many beautiful relationships that I hope I will never lose.

Another thing that has been on my mind a lot is that I am just done with putting effort in. I only have five more works of school. And guys I do not know if I have it left in me. 5 more weeks of waking up early. 5 more weeks of hours of homework. 5 more weeks of the unorganized chaos that is me. 5 more weeks of tests. 5 more weeks of meetings and deadlines. 5 more weeks of excuses and making up work. I know this is the homestretch and I just need to preserve but I just don’t want to. I don’t think I have ever wanted summer so bad. Thank the heavens for the people in my life to keep me going. I bet I am not the only one feeling this way right now.

Before this becomes a novel, Ive had a lot of thoughts on the future of miagraves.com – don’t worry it is NOT going anywhere. Firstly I am going to try my absolute hardest to be more regular posting on here. Secondly I have a music post ready to go, since the playlist posts have been m.i.a. the past two months I am making a mega one for you. Thirdly, I have lots of ideas for future posts and I am beyond excited to start sharing them for you. This blog does wonders for me and I want it to do the same for you. I want what my posts on here to be about things YOU want to read and stuff I enjoy writing about. So if you have suggestions, I would love to hear them.

To wrap this up want to say a quick thank you.

Thanks to the people that make my life worth while – whether we met 10 years ago or 10 days ago.

Thanks to the next few steps in life and for this blog.

Thanks to summer for finally coming up.

And Lastly thanks to YOU and your patience with me.

I will see you all sooner than you may think, in the mean time REMEMBER

Make happy YOUR habit!

xoxo, GOSSIP GIRL…. jk Mia lol